Valerie Hunter-Gordon

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Valerie Hunter-Gordon, the Scottish inventor of the disposable nappy has died at the age of 94.

Valerie was fed up with washing towel nappies and began fashioning her first prototype. She made the first disposable nappy on her sewing machine from the nylon material used for parachutes. She changed the life of every mother.

After constant tweaking of the design, she finally came up with the perfect nappy. The pad inside was made of cellulose tissue wadding and cotton wool, which were put in adjustable waterproofed pants, fastened with poppers and a cord round the waist. The named it Paddi, and it was patented in October 1949.

Tributes were paid to the inventor who died in Beauly, Inverness-shire. Valerie is survived by 6 children, 19 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren, with another due in a few months.

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