Patent Protection in AFRICA

Patents and Industrial Designs

Our patent department specialises in the identification, protection, prosecution and enforcement of patents and designs in South Africa and abroad. Our experts litigate on these matters, and further, advise on IP valuation, licencing and related commercialisation aspects. With a passion for development in Africa, our patent department has built a trusted network of African agents over the past decade which allows us to extend these service offerings across the African continent.

Our patent department has a broad range of specialists, in fields ranging from mechanical, computer and electronic engineering, to life sciences, chemistry and pharmaceuticals. Our patent attorneys are qualified as Attorneys of the High Court and as registered patent attorneys, having both engineering or science degrees, together with law degrees. The prosecution section of our patent department is managed by undoubtedly the most experienced patent portfolio manager in the country.

The benefit of building a professional relationship with our patent department is the personalised service we offer. Our clients are revered, whether corporate entities or the man on the street, and this is shown via our quick turnaround times, response rate and continued commitment to the success of our clients. Modern computer systems also allow our patent department to benefit from the efficiency of a paperless environment.

The African continent presents unique challenges to businesses, but we believe our success over the last decade, together with our professional expertise, sets us in good stead for advising clients in navigating IP on their pathway to success. A summary of the services we provide, can be found below:

  • Patent/design identification and identification of jurisdictions for international filings
  • Patent/design searches
  • Patent specification drafting and review/preparing drawings and brief statements for designs
  • Patent/design prosecution from filing through to registration
  • Patent/design Renewals
  • Patent/design litigation