Zambia: The following Zambian Acts mentioned below have now become operational:

Patents Act (No.40 of 2016)
(this replaces the previous Patents Act – Chapter 400 of the Laws of Zambia.)

The Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits Act (No.6 of 2016)
(this is a new Act)

The Industrial Designs Act (No.22 of 2016)
(this replaces the previous Registered Designs Act – Chapter 402 of the Laws of Zambia.)

The Protection of Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources and Expressions of Folklore Act (No.16 of 2015) (this is a new Act.)

Although these Acts have come into force the regulations thereunder are still to be issued. The regulations under the repealed Patents Act and Registered Designs Act will continue to apply to the new Acts until fresh regulations are issued. The applicability of the regulations under the repealed Acts is governed by Section 15 of our Interpretation and General Provisions Act (Chapter 2 of the Laws of Zambia) which is quoted below:

“S.15 Where any Act, Applied Act or Ordinance or part thereof is repealed, any statutory issued under or made in virtue thereof shall remain in force, so far as it is not inconsistent with the repealing written law, until it has been repealed by a statutory instrument issued or made under the provisions of such repealing written law, and shall be deemed for all purposes to have been made thereunder.”

A new Trade Marks Act will also be issued during the course of 2017. This will introduce service marks as well as international registrations.

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