Clients being advised to pay full term renewals before the increase in renewal fees

Increase in Patent and Design renewal fees in South Africa

Proposal to pay full term Patent renewal fees. Total Saving of Approximately $2 856

The South African Patents and Designs Office will implement a distinction between Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME’s) and corporate entities. These changes will impact all official fees charged by the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC).

This will lead to a substantial cost implication for corporate clients, with official fees for renewals increasing approximately 10-fold.  In light of the above, it is a cost-effective option for applicants who will fall under the corporate entity status to consider paying full-term renewals for existing patents and designs before the fee increase takes effect.

The official fees for applications of patents and designs, as well as the renewal of patents and designs, shall increase as follows:


Current Official Fee  NEW Official Fee
Corporate Entity
Patent Renewal Patent Renewal Fees
*increasing annually on a sliding scale
Patent Renewal Fees
$100 (900% Increase)
Design Renewal Design Renewal Fees

*increasing annually on a sliding scale
Design Renewal Fees
(800% Increase)


  1. Calculated on the rate of exchange on 10 April 2019. 
  2. Please request the table for determining SMME status (the qualification thresholds may change periodically)


CIPC Fees Increase: PROPOSAL

To accommodate our Corporate clients, we are offering an option to pay full-term renewals for existing or newly filed Patents and Designs. The cost for paying full-term renewal fees before the fee increase is capped as follows (inclusive of professional and official fees)

Patents Renewals:  $35 (per remaining year)*

Design Renewals:  $30 (per remaining year)*

*Only applicable if all remaining renewal fees to term are paid once-off before the proposed increase.

As an example, the saving for Corporate Entities for Patent renewal fees will amount to approximately:



Paying Annually for 17 years after Increase Paying a once off, full-term fee before Increase
Total Official fees $1700 $170
Total Professional Fees $1751 $425
$3451 $595

A Total Saving of Approximately $2 856

For an accurate quote, please send an email with the South African Patent Number to  If more than one patent application, for a single applicant, is paid simultaneously, a further discount will be applied, please contact us for details.

There is no requirement in South Africa for a Power of Attorney in order to pay renewal fees, and thus we may assist you irrespective of the Address of Service.