ANGOLAPatent Applications

Paris Convention ✓
Examination ✓

Patent Filing Requirements

Power of Attorney
Notarised and legalised up to the Angolan Consulate.  The document must be filed within 2 months of the date of filing.

Portuguese translation of the specification, claims, drawings and abstract is required upon filing. The application may be filed in English but a verified Portuguese translation must be filed as soon as possible thereafter, and preferable within 3 months from the date of filing. Translations in Brazilian Portuguese are not accepted.

Deed of Assignment
Must be notarised and legalised up to the Angolan Consulate. The document must be filed within 3 months of the filing date.

Priority Document
(if applicable) together with a verified Portuguese translation of the covering page must be filed within 3 months of the filing date.

Patent Filing Information

30 months from earliest priority date for entering national phase under PCT.

Formal examination.

The patent has a duration of 15 years from date of filing or the PCT International filing date, with no possible extensions.

Maintenance fees/Renewal fees
Annual maintenance fees are payable from the first anniversary of the filing date or from the PCT International filing date.  There is a 6-month grace period to pay the maintenance fees.

Angola Patent Agents

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