ALGERIATrademark Applications

Nice Classification ✓
Madrid System ✘
Multi-class Applications ✓

Filing Requirements

Power of Attorney
Scanned copy of simply signed Power of Attorney (no notarisation or legalisation required).

Priority Documents
(if priority is claimed) Copy of priority application, certified by the relevant Trademarks Office as a true copy thereof.

Details of the Applicant
Full names.
Physical Address.
Nationality / country of incorporation.

Details of the Trade Mark(s)
Word mark or logo.
If the trademark is a logo, please send electronically.
Details of colours claimed, if applicable.

List of goods and/or services
Try to limit to 5 items per application, additional charges may apply for each additional item over 5.

Details of priority Application, if applicable:
Filing Date.

Further Information

The International Classification of Goods and Services is followed.
Multi-class applications are possible; however, a single application can only cover either goods or services.
If a trademark relates to both goods and services, two separate applications have to be filed – one for the goods and the other for the services.

Time Frames
Informal search: 4 – 5 business days
Formal search: 2 – 3 weeks
From filing up to registration: 15 – 18 months
Opposition period: 6 months from publication
Duration: 10 years from filing date and renewable for further periods of 10 years.

The informal search is done in an internal database of published trademarks.
The formal search is conducted directly in the official trademarks register.
Applications are examined for formal requirements only.
If all formalities are complied with, a registration certificate will be issued.
Registered trademarks are published for a 6 month opposition period.

Algeria Trade Mark Agents

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