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Patent applications to be filed with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) in Spain.

Application Requirements
Patent for Invention
Name, address and citizenship of the applicant
Name, address and citizenship of the Inventor/s
Invention Title and summary
Assignment of Invention
Formal drawings
International Patent Classification
Power of Attorney
Priority document with Portuguese translation
Specification, claims and abstract with Portuguese translation

National Phase PCT
Name of the inventor if it has not been furnished in the “request” part of the international application;
Instrument of assignment of the priority right where the applicants are not identical;
Instrument of assignment of the international application if the applicant has changed after the international filing date;
Translation of the priority document into Spanish.

Time limits applicable for a PCT: 30 months from the priority date.
Language in which to translate the PCT: Spanish.

Patent Requirements
Absolute novelty (new and original)
Represents an inventive activity
Susceptible to industrial application

Protection Duration
20 years from the filing date

Patent Renewals
Annually from the 1st anniversary of the filing date.

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